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The Rising Ag Story

Working with Pioneer agencies since 2013 and assisting longtime agronomist Roger Overleese for even longer, Jared Brader was the natural choice to head up the Rising Ag agency. Jared is part of a farming family that now includes a fifth generation working the same farm.

Rising Ag has a well-deserved reputation for being proactive and progressive, seeking out ways to stay ahead of every situation and add value to each grower’s bottom line.

“We try and provide beneficial and useful tools for our customers that choose to do business with us,” says Jared. “We take pride in studying trends and new market challenges so we can help our customers succeed. We stay on top of the most current situations in this ever evolving farming environment!  It's not easy but we live for the challenge and it is a great feeling to find solutions to help farmers raise a crop that is both maximzed and highly efficient.  We hope we are able to help provide returns on their investments and at the same time present opprotunities to further there operations goals.  I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather be doing, it is exciting every single day!”

Rising Ag is an avid supporter of community ag groups, including the FFA and 4-H, frequently buying animals raised by 4-H and FFA members at the county fair.  We support our local community and try to help out where and when we can.  Axtell is a great community and it is fun to be envolved and watch the community grow together.

Meet Our Team

Brad Bourg
Brad Bourg

Operations Manager

John Love
John Love

Seed Treatment Specialist/Agronomist

Jared Samuelson
Jared Samuelson

Seed Logistics/Agronomist

Roger Overleese
Roger Overleese

Pioneer Sales Associate/Chief Agronomist

Pioneer Sales Representatives in Southern Nebraska

We’re located on J Road outside of Axtell.

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